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    Quote Originally Posted by Sky_Schemer View Post
    The difference of course being that my book was shipped two weeks ago, but to the wrong address. So if you want to talk "priority", I was already "ahead" of the rest of the people who still haven't received theirs from the normal shipping schedule.

    But IMHO that's beside the point. When you become aware of a mistake, you fix it sooner, not later.
    I understand your frustration man, we've all been waiting a long time, but it isn't like they're not working with you. They got your e-mail that your book was shipped to the wrong address, and without giving you any hassle agreed to send you a new one. I should emphasize that point, not every company will work with you like that, some would accuse you of lying to get a free book. Regardless, they agreed to send you a new book and put you in the queue. Now this seems to be what you are upset about, they should have put you at the head of the queue. I can see where you are coming from, although those who haven't had their book shipped yet probably disagree. There are however good reasons not to do that. First of all, handling all these books and shipping them is a complicated task. Shuffling around the queue is a bad idea. Secondly, you had a problem which they have hopefully resolved. It makes sense to send other people their books first so that if they have problems they can be resolved in a timely manner. Besides that, there is the simple fact that everyone else who is waiting for their book probably disagrees with your assertion that you should get precedence when in fact you are the one who needs special accommodations. Delaying everyone else's order to deal with your needs is not good business policy.

    Hopefully I've helped you see a little why they didn't rush out your book. I do hope you get your book soon and enjoy it.
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