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The difference of course being that my book was shipped two weeks ago, but to the wrong address. So if you want to talk "priority", I was already "ahead" of the rest of the people who still haven't received theirs from the normal shipping schedule.

But IMHO that's beside the point. When you become aware of a mistake, you fix it sooner, not later.
You are "ahead" only in that an apparently random ordering put you earlier in the list than a lot of other people.

They are shipping preorders. Lots and lots of preorders. They are a small enough company that they may not have anyone specifically devoted to customer service and fixing mistakes. Thus, fixing the mistake with your order would require diverting the attention of someone who's busy shipping the rest of the preorder list. Taking time off from the assembly line shipping setup they've probably got to deal with your one-off problem would fix your one preorder at the cost of delaying multiple other preorders. 1 preorder vs multiple preorders, seems pretty clear to me that the multiples should be handled first - they're all preorders so priority is equal, so it comes down to the numbers. Priority will only become relevant when the preorders are finished shipping, at which point your preorder, if it's not already dealt with, will have priority over the regular orders.