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I understand your frustration man, we've all been waiting a long time, but it isn't like they're not working with you...Regardless, they agreed to send you a new book and put you in the queue. Now this seems to be what you are upset about, they should have put you at the head of the queue.
Actually, what I am most upset about is that it took three emails to get someone to acknowledge the problem, and a fourth to find out what was being done about it.

All the little arguments people are using to defend Ookoodook in this situation would be fine excuses if there was just one hiccup here, but there are several: pre-ordering logistics, QA on shipping, responsiveness to email, thoroughness of those responses, and follow-through. Add this up and it becomes "shoddy service".

Yeah, it's a small company. But small does not have to mean sub-par.