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Thread: Dragon Tales and OOTS Game Status

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    Quote Originally Posted by FafnerMorell View Post
    I'm located in Houston, pre-ordered two books (one order was the week of the initial announcement and then about a month ago) and haven't received any - or even an email that they're being shipped. The status info posted on 8/1 "By now, many of you who pre-ordered have likely gotten your shipping emails, and the rest of you will be getting them over the course of this week." seems incorrect.

    Definitely NOT impressed with the logistics on this.
    Quote Originally Posted by The Giant View Post
    I have word from Ookoodook that they had a minor medical emergency for the person in charge of the actual stuffing of envelopes, so I would expect that there will be a few days added to the last estimate of "done this weekend."

    As far as the order in which orders are being shipped, I have no idea, but I would guess that complicated orders (i.e. a book, a t-shirt of such-and-such a size, a poster, and a game, for example) are lagging behind simpler orders.
    Other than wanting them "not to get hospitalized" I'm not sure what you want. I'm pretty sure they'd rather not get seriously injured while working either.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sky_Schemer View Post
    All the little arguments people are using to defend Ookoodook in this situation would be fine excuses if there was just one hiccup here, but there are several: pre-ordering logistics, QA on shipping, responsiveness to email, thoroughness of those responses, and follow-through. Add this up and it becomes "shoddy service".
    They made. a mistake.

    You aren't ordering from God here, its allowed to happen. And yes, small DOES mean sub-par in the printing business, where large companies can AND FREQUENTLY DO break small companies' contracts with rush jobs.

    There really was no problem with the pre-ordering logistics except that the printer broke its contract (how is this Ookadook's mistake, exactly?) and the QA problem IS the mistake you're referring too. Now they are working short staffed since one of their... what... three employees is in the hospital and you're surprised that they aren't devoting 50% of their manpower to answering emails rather than shipping? And what are you talking about on follow-through? They added your shipment back into the queue, exactly as they should have done....
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    Thank you, FujinAkari.
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