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    Quote Originally Posted by SoC175 View Post
    I received my mail on the 5th of August and the tracking says:

    Processed through Sort Facility - August 10, 2011, 7:29 pm - Houston

    Mine is also going to Europe so the race is on and you're only leading by a minute
    Oh, you are SO on! Mine is about 2 hours later than yours, but the UK is closer

    Quote Originally Posted by FafnerMorell View Post
    I'm located in Houston, pre-ordered two books (one order was the week of the initial announcement and then about a month ago) and haven't received any - or even an email that they're being shipped. The status info posted on 8/1 "By now, many of you who pre-ordered have likely gotten your shipping emails, and the rest of you will be getting them over the course of this week." seems incorrect.

    Definitely NOT impressed with the logistics on this.
    Look on the bright side, all of our books are in your town.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sky_Schemer View Post
    Actually, what I am most upset about is that it took three emails to get someone to acknowledge the problem, and a fourth to find out what was being done about it.
    Well, as people have said before, they needed to check if you were telling the truth about your lost book. Remember that this tracking system is code-based, so they have to find out by themselves where it went after the last place it was scanned. The time taken to do that is basically the same, and you just happen to have sent 3 emails in between.

    What is more, once the book has been shipped, I don't think they have enough people to manually go look for lost books, so the best they could do is call someone and wait for that person to confirm that the address was wrong, and multiple layers of communication like that is bound to slow down the process.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sky_Schemer View Post
    All the little arguments people are using to defend Ookoodook in this situation would be fine excuses if there was just one hiccup here, but there are several: pre-ordering logistics, QA on shipping, responsiveness to email, thoroughness of those responses, and follow-through. Add this up and it becomes "shoddy service".

    Yeah, it's a small company. But small does not have to mean sub-par.
    Small company means small number of people working on several thousands of cases like yours. It's not that good of an excuse, but at least don't make it harder for them, or the rest of us, whom are quietly waiting for our books.
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