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Thread: Dragon Tales and OOTS Game Status

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    Maybe you might want to consider sending a email out specifically to the people who have the OOTs game in their order, and reassure them that they havent been forgotten...I'm pretty sure Im not the only one who is going to be pretty PO'd if i see a messageboard post/email saying all pre-orders have shipped, and mine isnt one of them. Id also predict your email inbox will get even more full at that point.

    Given the comedy of errors surrounding this pre-order, I'm not sure you really have the confidence of your customers at this point. In other words, I think those of us who ordered additional product from you are concerned we arent going to get our books, because something else is going to get fouled up.

    My concern is that if you are going to ship regular orders once the non-game pre-orders are done, some glitch in the system/human error/cthulu is going to oversell the regular orders, and the pre-orders with games are going to somehow get left out. Is this going to happen? I hope not. But the thought has crossed my mind
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