I've got a few for you. These are things actual bards might sing rather than background music.

Rime of the Wanderin' Seafarer by zyko. Male vocals, guitar and percussion focused instrumentation. The singer's voice cracks at a few points--I really wish he had made this a collaboration with a woman whose voice could actually hit those notes. As-is the high quality of the rest of the song makes the parts where he slips up stand out a bit. Still, any setting that includes an ocean could have bard troupes performing this.

The Rose General by katethegreat19. Female vocals, string and percussion focused instrumentation. Awesome song for any setting; I have no complaints.

Hymn of Aveh, again by katethegreat19. Again, female vocals, string focused instrumentation. Thy lyrics aren't in English this time, so you get the added bonus of being able to say they mean whatever you want. In general, Kate's youtube channel has some hot material, but those are the two that stand out most to me.

Dragon Song by Harmony. Male vocals, guitar and keyboard focused. The percussion might be a bit too modern sounding for your tastes and there are obvious electronic sounds that don't really work in a fantasy setting (unless you're going with Ghost Sound I suppose), but otherwise it's quite pretty.

Devil's Workday by Modest Mouse. Male vocals, horn/string focused instrumentation. Might sound too contemporary for your tastes. A friend had an actual devil sing this song, and it fit the occasion really well. It has an unsettling sound to it: the singer's voice just drips with hate and malice.

Theme of Frog's by Select Start. No vocals, flute/wind focused with a very ren-fair vibe to it. Again, this slides right into any medieval setting.