For lucky folks like North_Ranger, MAD and FujinAkari, who have received shipping emails, they seem to make the assumption that everyone has received these shipping emails/tracking numbers - and this isn't true.

The explanation that "Well, some orders are complicated and have games in them which won't be available for weeks and thus aren't shipping" also doesn't address all the issues - there's no game or anything other than the book in my order.

I really didn't plan on making a major deal out of this, but since there seems to be a lot of confusion about the state of things, let's go through the timeline:

5/28/11: "I'm pretty confident that the book will be in people's hands before the end of June. One month later than expected, for which I apologize to everyone who has pre-ordered already."
7/25/11: "They will leave the printer Wednesday night, July 27th, 2011, and arrive at Ookoodook's warehouse sometime between the 29th and August 1st. They will then begin shipping out to pre-order customers the same day, probably taking around ten days total to complete all outstanding orders"
8/3/11: "In shipping news, Kevin from Ookoodook informs me that most (if not all) pre-orders will have shipped by this upcoming Saturday, three days ahead of his original ten-day estimate. So everyone who pre-ordered a book should thank him and his staff for their near-Herculean (Iolausan?) effort in getting everything out the door after the absurd production delays."
8/8/11: "Dragon Tales Update: We think that Dragon Tales will be completely shipped by Friday, which puts us on track for hitting our original goal of finishing in two weeks. Many shipping emails still haven't been sent, so don't panic that you've not received yours."

So, I given that the expected shipping date of 6/30, was bumped to 8/11, pulled into 8/8, then bumped up to 8/12, but still not done by 8/16 - maybe it's not too shocking that some folks view this as being a bit messed up.

I can appreciate the desire to be optimistic in communications - they didn't have to announce that things might be ahead of schedule, and there's nothing that says "We will definitely meet date X or die trying". However, most of the communications lately have been "If you haven't recieved info, it's because you have a bad email address, or a complicated order" - and that's worrying when those justifications don't apply. So, what's going on if we haven't a shipping email (and we have a good email & simple order) - is this a problem that needs to be reported, or is it just things taking a bit longer than we were told?

That said - unexpected events happen, and I believe the folks at APE Games are working to get the books out. However, not all of us have received shipping emails (much less our books) yet. So folks assuring us that "Oh, just patiently on USPS wait as you clutch your shipping email" aren't exactly having the positive and supportive effect they may intend.