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For lucky folks like North_Ranger, MAD and FujinAkari, who have received shipping emails, they seem to make the assumption that everyone has received these shipping emails/tracking numbers - and this isn't true.
The preorders are not complete. ApeGamer said he would post when they were, and he hasn't. And the issue with the game isn't that it is complicated, it is that it won't be available for another couple weeks, so any orders including it can't ship until then. That said, it is true that there have been a lot of delays, and it has sucked, and everyone has a right to be frustrated. To me though the thing is that it isn't The Giant's fault or Apegame's fault. The largest delay was the fault of the printer, and the smaller delays were mostly them being overoptimistic about how long it would take. The only valid criticism I see is the lack of communication, but I've found it to be adequate.