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I tried to make this clear in earlier posts, but if your order contains the OOTS game or expansion, it will not ship until the games arrive in 2-3 weeks.

I'm still getting a ton of emails each day from people asking when their order is going to ship, and the order almost always contains an OOTS game.

I guess the emails are probably not from people reading this forum.
Huh. I've been reading this thread religiously, and read the forums 5-6 days a week, for any news of an update, and this wasn't clear to me at ALL. Maybe I missed an official post somewhere in this thread :/ Does anyone happen to have a link to the post I missed?

This does make me sad, though. I was so excited that pre-orders were just about done shipping and I would soon get my book (a friend of mine had her book on August 6th and I've been carefully avoiding finding out any spoilers about it, it's annoying). Apparently I have to wait a few more weeks because I ordered the boardgame expansion, too.

/massiveSigh :( :( :(