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    Once there was a smith in the realm beyond, a divine being without mortal limits. Creator of swords and fortresses, storms and worlds, the smith was honored by all in that distant land of dream. Yet one day, the smith looked into that mortal realm, and watched its inhabitants and their lives; they were so fragile and small, confined and limited- but yet... yet there was something there that was troubling. The greatest works of the smith were so vast, so monumental and magnificent as to be beyond mortal comprehension, but nonetheless, when the smith considered them again, they lacked something, something that the mortals had.

    In time, the smith grew dissatisfied and eventually inconsolable. No mighty weapon, no towering fortress or beautiful world crafted on the smith's forge could replicate that tiny spark in the mortal realm, that one small thing which would make those works complete. So the smith, vowing not to be outdone, determined that no art would escape the anvil, created one last work and declared victory with a final breath.

    "The greatest tree grows from the smallest seed."


    Aliases: The Queen of Rings, Jean
    Gender: Female
    Species: Raksha (fair folk)
    Profession: Reality Artisan
    Power Rating: Variable (Generally A to S)

    Description: Genesis is without shape or form, a vague personality that interacts with the world as she wills, creating new bodies and discarding them as she desires. As such, she has no set description. However, her bodies typically bear a few traits- first, Genesis seems to identify as female, and as such, the vast majority of her forms are at least feminine in appearance. Second, for whatever reason, Genesis tends to have sharp, predatory teeth, which are often bared in a grin. Lastly, she seems to have a fondness for rings and circular patterns, and often will incorporate them into her form somehow, if only in clothing.

    Personality: Inhuman. For all that she feigns humanity, Genesis has some distinctly unnatural thought processes. She sees the world as highly subjective to perception and interest, and therefore is openly willing to ignore fact and history to make way for her own preferences of what should be or should occur. Further, she critiques reality openly as if it were a narrative to be edited at will, and cares much more about how interesting something is than whether it is moral or immoral, or horrible or beautiful.

    Equipment: As a magical artisan, Genesis has access to a great deal of equipment- however, much of what she makes follows rules similar to her bodies- nebulous concepts pinned together with magic and metaphors, only possessing shapes when she invokes them into reality. However, most of what she makes follows stricter guidelines as to their shape than Genesis does.

    Abilities: Fair folk, artisan, magician- Genesis is broadly talented and powerful. She creates and twists shapes according to her magic, and there is very little she cannot do. However, that is not to say she does not have rules she must follow. Genesis is limited by narrative structures, and must work with symbols and metaphors, and further, has difficulty working her greatest powers outside of magically charged areas. In dreams, fey touched lands, and areas of import and magic, she has the power of a goddess, but in the mundane, her powers are generally reduced to illusions and lies.

    Raksha physiology, the Graces
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