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    Quote Originally Posted by factotum View Post
    What comedy of errors? There have been precisely two problems that I can recall: firstly, having to change the printer causing the initial long delay in the book's release, and secondly, the shipping manager getting ill and having to go to hospital, causing delays in the shipping process. Call me Mr. Picky if you will, but I don't think either of those things is entirely under the control of Ookoodook.
    I never said it was under their control, and the later posters (ex: 315,316,322,323) have added to your list of "two". Theres a few other things that havent been mentioned as well.

    Again, I understand that stuff happens, and I dont think its anyones "fault" I just want some confirmation its not going to happen again to those of us with "complicated" orders.

    A simple "all pre-orders with extra stuff have been set aside separate from the current stock" email send to everyone affected (not a messageboard post) would ease alot of minds, and would probably lessen the inquiries by alot.

    I think Vorynn's post a few post above this one sums it up nicely: "Did i miss something? Was I left out?"

    And, from the flip side of the coin, I think , in this economy, a business that has a ton of emails inquiring about products would be a good thing. Likewise, Id think that the "complicated" orders would be a nice thing to have.
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