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Thread: Dragon Tales and OOTS Game Status

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    Hmmm. Let me vent my spleen a tiny bit here. I had a "simple" order, and one made fairly early in the ordering cycle. Mar 15, 2011, Order #7733, book only. No add on games, no t-shirts, no coffee mugs, just the book. I have since received one email from ookoodook, on 15 Aug 2011, asking to confirm my mailing address. Nothing since then.

    Am I upset? Nah, not at all. What I am is a little jealous, as there are four pages of juicy chat with occasional comments by the Giant himself sprinkled in, and I can't really join since I dont want to spoil it for myself.

    Somebody has to be last, that's the nature of a queue. You just never want it to be you.

    Will I buy future products? Probably. From ookoodook? Probably not, unless it's another exclusive product. I ordered early in the ordering cycle, and sort of expected to receive my product early in the shipping cycle. Especially since it was a "simple" order.

    (Now that I've posted this, I'll get an email from ookoodook confirming shipment. Ain't that always the way?)

    Yep, right on que!
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