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    Default Re: [3.5 Base Class] The Circuit Mage [WIP, PEACH]

    I think that limiting spells to only spells with spell resistance is too limiting. How about adding spell resistance to any spells that don't have it?
    Please change the save to 10 + 1/2 level + int. I understand how spells normally work, but the normal spell saves make spells useless at higher levels. (If you really want the level of spells to affect the DC then try 15 + 1/2 level + int - level of the spell. It balances out fairly well.)
    I think that circuit blueprint isn't a good idea. It could, in high gold campaign, break the class. While this could be true of any crafting class, I think that this class has a delicate balance that this could break.
    I would suggest, that if you want to reduce beyond all limits power, that you word it so that it only exceeds beyond the maximum at half the rate it proceeded before.
    Circuit Compression needs a minimum of 1 circuits needed, so it can't be abused.
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