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And even if it wasn't for any VA issues, it still did have an in-show purpose. The entire thing showed Finn that it could work. Now that she's five years older than him again, it won't be easy, but he has to be persistant. He might have to defeat a demon lord and warp through several worlds. But once he does, he can walk up the wizard stairs and produce his magic key he got in the water world and unlock the chamber door. Then he can walk up to the princess and give her a smooch.
I always thought the "wizard stairs" was a metaphor like Jesse Moynihan (who storyboarded that episode) said.

Since we've already seen at least one leaked storyboard that reveals that, yes, Finn will be aging over the course of the show, the wizard stairs could simply be - you know, growing up.

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That's why you add a little candy to each of the twins.
Doesn't Princess Bubblegum have to die in the first place before they have to put her back together? I mean, I doubt she'd get younger if you took a bit of her hair off.