The thing that caught my eye is that Lord of War, on a successful hit, lets you pretty much spend your valor pool for a massive storm of attacks.

Example: assuming the character has done the various tricks to get +yes to hit on their first attack by level 18, that means that they get (assuming 14 charisma) 36+2 = 38 valor points in their pool. that's nine extra attacks in their attack sequence, and they regain four of those attacks every round as they regenerate 18. At level 20, that becomes ten attacks, and five extras per round. In conjunction with their ability to just about always full attack (move full speed as swift or immediate action instead of move action), that means very little is going to survive being hit by this guy.

IMO, Uncanny Dodge would be a nice addition to the class... But then, I'm just generally fond of Uncanny Dodge.

For Battle Arts: ^^^ is an idea. Perhaps make some that allow you to use different ability modifiers for attack/damage/AC (great for reducing MAD, which this class has ). For example, Con to all three, which would make the class only dependent on two stats (Con and whatever you decide for Valor pool... And since that scales with level, it almost makes the class SAD.).