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    Aliases: None.
    Gender: Male
    Species: Barghest, Human, Snake, Lion Mixture
    Profession: Test Subject
    Power Rating: C+ to B. At the moment, he absolutely refuses to use his empathic abilities other than to eat the rage seeds that Elena has at times.

    Description: He's a human male, with claws on his hands and feet, a snake-tail, and retractable snake teeth.

    Personality: Friendly, loyal, and stubborn. He's human, for the most part, but with some odd cultural things.

    Equipment: Clothes. Not much else. He could maybe be counted as having a Psychic Dampener, but he needs to give it away.

    Abilities: He can howl like a Barghest, and eat emotions. He's also an empath, has snake teeth with sedative venom, and claws on his feet with the same. He can leap extremely long distances. His hand claws are not connected to his venom.

    Backstory: Tirin was raised by Barghest. The Barghest from his universe have an advanced culture, which places a strong emphasis on atonement. There are lists of ways to atone for crimes listed with the legal punishments if not performed. Those raised in it are also taught how to judge the severity of harms caused. While his past doesn't affect him too much normally, as many of their cultural values are the same as human norms, this can cause problems when things like what recently occurred with Clarissa happen.


    Normal Nexus:

    Tirin is going to marry Elena, as soon as AJ and Meli finish their cooperative testing so they can attend.

    That Day:

    Tirin is married to Elena already. In this timeline, Elena is three weeks pregnant. Also, she's admitted to knowing more about Tirin's sister.


    All versions of Tirin are bound by a Price exacted by the Wish Witch to be completely faithful to Elena. Basically, please don't make him forget this, or mind control him into acting against it, as he has no defenses against such things, and he can't wear a Psychic Dampener because it would keep him from using his empathic abilities.
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