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    Full name is Dolomedes, but she doesn't like it.
    Race: Human with mecha-bits.
    Age: 21
    Alig: TN/NG-ish.
    Power: C+
    Class: Bard
    Description: This picture shows her body structure; she currently dresses in t-shirts, hoodie-jackets, and fingerless gloves for her six hands. Yes, she has metal teeth.
    Now, about that body structure: she is capable of disengaging from the metal spiderbody, though when she does so all she has is her arms to move around on.
    Also, she appears to be pregnant, and far along enough for it to show a little.
    Now wears a necklace of small pieces of human bone.

    Abilities: Her hands are sensitive, allowing her to better feel vibrations and such, so it can be hard to sneak up on her. Her fore and aft legs are pretty dang strong and agile, and she can climb like crazy.
    She's currently practicing controlling the spiderbody while not attached to it.
    She has a bunch of feats and bard spells shown here on her horribly broken sheet.

    Equipment: A rapier, two pairs of brass knuckles, a cutlass, and her spiderbody's internal audio system, with which she does her bard thing.

    Personality: Meddy is a little moody, but kind and largely pleasant to be around. She isn't sure if she likes what's been done to her body, but she recognizes that it proves quite useful from time to time. She's pretty empathetic for those in need, having suffered it herself.
    For a time she slipped into a habit of cannibalism, but has since renounced it in horror, prompting her to get herself to GLOG.

    Backstory: Meddy had a pretty regular childhood and adolescence, went to bardic school (totally a thing), had a few flings and breakups... and then, about a few days after her 20th birthday, everything goes blank.
    And then about a year later, things happen again. She doesn't remember what happened in that year period, but she does understand that 1) she lost her legs, 2) she got the spiderbody she now is equipped with, 3) she seemingly learned how to use her new lower half, and 4) she became pregnant (presumably near the end of this period).
    Living on the streets and desperate, she still had her weapons and wus able to defend herself... and one night, starving, she succumbed to desperation and ate the flesh of the man she had killed in self-defense. At first it was simply needing to feed herself and her developing child, but later it became an acquired taste, an obsession
    When she realized the full, disturbing reality of this fact, she fled to GLOG to get fized; so far she's not yet been taken on by a redemption supervisor, but has enjoyed cordial interaction with Timmy, Mark, and Brinika.
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