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    Default Re: [3.5] Scarcity and Scavenging, Crowding and Conflict: The Scroungers Campaign Set

    This is a campaign setting I've been working on for quite a while now. I created it to accomplish three major goals: (1) To be a place in which most (if not all) of my homebrew creations could find a home and be incorporated into the fabric of a campaign setting. (2) To potentially incorporate any type of d20 3.5 game content elegantly and simply via the island-hopping campaign type or the existence of distant islands as a source for new content. (3) To support a style of gaming that encourages resourcefulness with limited resources while maintaining crucial elements of high fantasy.

    I hope I have succeeded, or at least that I'm headed in the right direction.

    I welcome any comments or constructive criticisms. While the setting is nearing completion, it is by no means finished or set in stone. I will be making changes and additions in the future, which I'll be noting here.

    Also note that the mechanical aspects of the setting have been posted over on the Homebrew form and linked here, hopefully in keeping with the guidelines established by the forum management.

    I'm looking forward to reading what you have to say! Have at it!

    Scroungers Setting Change Log

    • 8-19-2011 - Initial posting (fluff and crunch), crunch/fluff links
    • 9-10-2011 - Updated Character Creation (language) and Speak Language sections to reflect wider role for Trade Pidgin, added Life in the World of Stha Lui section on regional politics and language
    • 11-18-2011 - Updated Races and The Lands of Stha Lui, Yu Quan replaced with Shokhanids, maps updated with new place names
    • 3-5-2013 - Added information about life stages and expectancies to the Life in the World of Scroungers section, minor grammatical corrections and clarifications to various things, improved Refined Focus feat, added more physical descriptions to races write-up, added vital racial statistics
    • 3-6-2013 - Added economics information to Life in the World of Scroungers section
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