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    Default Re: Togo's Planar Adventure set partly in Sigil (OOC)

    Quote Originally Posted by Togo View Post
    You've listed two move actions and a standard action, which is more than you can usually do in a round (two more OR one move and one standard). can you edit your post or repost or something?

    On the good side, summoned creatures get full actions as soon as they appear. So your elephant would get to act, provided you can get it out this round.

    Finally, not entirely sure where you are flying to. You start at the bottom of the map next to the cart - where are you releasing the elephant?
    It's up to you whether drawing out the elephant requires its own move action, or if the carpet has its own. Essentially, he used a free action to command the carpet to move, used his move action to produce the elephant, and a standard action to summon it.

    I explained where he went. You did not list North, south, east, west on your map. Nor did you bother to keep the Excel-file organizational pattern ("B3", etc) ... so I did the best I could. The top-most (top being the top of the screen) square, roughly two in. Basically a spot where he could summon the elephant and it wouldn't fail to summon due to lack of space.

    I'll post in the IC thread the elephant's actions.
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