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I think that limiting spells to only spells with spell resistance is too limiting. How about adding spell resistance to any spells that don't have it?
Please change the save to 10 + 1/2 level + int. I understand how spells normally work, but the normal spell saves make spells useless at higher levels. (If you really want the level of spells to affect the DC then try 15 + 1/2 level + int - level of the spell. It balances out fairly well.)
I think that circuit blueprint isn't a good idea. It could, in high gold campaign, break the class. While this could be true of any crafting class, I think that this class has a delicate balance that this could break.
I would suggest, that if you want to reduce beyond all limits power, that you word it so that it only exceeds beyond the maximum at half the rate it proceeded before.
Circuit Compression needs a minimum of 1 circuits needed, so it can't be abused.
I limited it to spells that allow SR to signify the way the magic absorbtion works.
Many SR:no spells work either on direct divine power or conjuration.
Divine Power isn't something you can copy and conjurations like the Orbs basically mean you get splashed by actual acid, which isn't something you can copy either.
As far as I know SR:yes spells are those that use magic for the entire thing and as such the person subjected to them can recognize them as such.

I will probably change the DC calculation, potentially even as 1/2CL for an extra incentive to splurge on Extra circuit feats.

Yeah, circuit blueprints will probably need to be more expensive.

The 1 circuit minimum for the capstone will be implemented, I just forgot.

@ Amechra: Condiering that even with circuit compression a circuit mage's number of spells at any time is rather low and the method of learning is money intensive I'd rather say that it pushes her up to Tier 2. I tried to have it start out as a low Tier 3 at the early levels, then gain power over time to become high Tier 3 and the Capstone was supposed to be the final push to Tier 2.

As it is this class isn't really supposed to be played in epic as it starts to become severely powerful even if the maximum circuit per cast limit were to stop progressing at 9. I might have to think on that some more.