Right, I have a few.

or You said we were what?

From Garrett's point of view. Touchstone is a monk, and Jack is a rogue.
It's been a long day.

We had chosen to journey to the flooded ruins I originally came to this area to survey. It occurs to me that the pair that I first accompanied here are both dead...one at my hand, at that. A sobering thought.

We never entered, however. We instead found the place largely dug up by an army of dwarves...and the graveyard that a lich dwelled in had been dug up, as well. We weren't going to give up that easily, however. Jack said he had a plan. As it turns out, his plan was to claim we were scholars of Candlekeep. Candlekeep does not care for people who lie about that. But I'd come to far to back out, so I asked to see what artifacts they had gathered. The dwarven commander we were speaking to had a pair of guards show me to the fenced area they kept them in, so I looked through what was there. Most of it was beyond me to understand, but I recognized a spellbook belonging to a sea-elf sorcerer I had met here before. At that time, though, I saw that the commander Jack and Touchstone were speaking to had gotten angry. They ran for it, with guards chasing them.

I, however, was locked behind a fence. I told my familiar, Apple, to hide. I spend the next few hours being interrogated.

"What were you here to steal?"
"What were you here to steal?"

Needless to say, it was a long couple of hours.

But imagine my surprise when I was rescued...We had met Randal Buckman, a wizard-thief, before. He had, to everyone's surprise (including his) been teleported into a battle between us and a vampire spawn. This time, he passed by the camp on his way home. He spoke to the commander, and turned me into a mist with a spell behind his back. I found myself with my allies...Touchstone had been berating Jack because, and I quote, "It's your fault the sorcerer is dead!" But now we're safe, but we have 3 new problems.
First, the ruins are lost to us.
Second, I still had the Corrath's spellbook from before...I meant to put it down, but I got a bit distracted. So, now that commander will be making it a point to find me.
Last, Candlekeep will want to find all of us for similar reasons. Some days, it's not worth leaving town.

Yeah, the rogue's plan almost worked...until he rolled low...

Other (mis)adventures I'll write up soon.