Derk I've assumed that, having killed one opponent you would then 5ft forward to engage another, rather than waste the last two swings. This does put you in a more dangerous position though. Let me know if I assumed correctly.

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Oh, and also, Togo, I forgot to add that I meant for Rhion to use a swift action to activate the Blur effect on his armor. Since the next round hasn't been posted yet, can I do it, or is it too late?
No, it's not too late. Do you have a wilding clasp on your armour? Otherwise it will meld, and you can't use the blur ability.

If you can use it, you can ignore all that sneak attack damage you're about to take...

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No harm done, I hope, and for sure no foul intended. Summers just tend to be a roller coaster for me (not partying, but actually (field) working all over Europe). My bad, my apologies .
No prob.

(where are you in Europe?)

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Out of curiosity, how heavy is the wagon + the supplies in it?
Erm... quite heavy. Your wagon is effectively carrying a peice of steel about 10 feet long, four feet wide and about two inches thick. It's unlikely anyone will move quickly with it.

I can run some numbers if you need to know.

(And... how often do you discuss elephants?)