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    Default Re: Togo's Planar Adventure set partly in Sigil (OOC)

    Quote Originally Posted by Obrysii View Post
    They were hitting for 50+ damage. Three strikes in that damage range and I'm at -2. I have 149hp and AC 30.

    However, I'm not planning on getting into melee range. Any heavy stones nearby?
    Yes. The allyway marked in red is a pile of rubble, including some very big peices. The cart in the far east of the map has a statue in it, and some other large stones. The wreckage from the cart has some large peices, which would qualify (the wheel that was thrown at you for example). And then there is the roof itself, which you could probably rip up and throw or push over at someone. You are a dragon.

    Quote Originally Posted by THEChanger View Post
    Question: Are these folks Evil? Because with Circle Against Evil up, anyone within ten feet of me gets +2 Deflection to their AC against Evil things.
    Yes, circle and similar will count against them.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cespenar View Post
    Yes to Wilding Clasp. I put a lot of enchantments on that armor, and did plan it to use it in battle.

    The blur effect lasts for 5 rounds. Also I can roll for the miss chances for the attacks against Rhion, if you want. 1 misses.
    That's fine in principle, but blur gives you 20% miss chance, and a 1 on a d4 is 25% miss chance.

    Use these instead, where a 1-20 misses:

    Man 3 (1d100)[88]
    Man 1 (1d100)[77]
    Man 1 (1d100)[63]
    Man 1 (1d100)[79]
    Man 1 (1d100)[73]

    Also, ignore all the sneak attack damage, since you have concealment.
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