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Well, this guy just took me down from 128 HP to 58 HP. That's 70 Points. Through DR Adamantine. With an axel.
I is not happy. Neither is Simon. He's going to be beating on this poser. But, he's not in good shape. There are little cracks forming all on his stone form at this point. Hurts a lot. But that makes him angry. So, he's probably going to focus on beating this freak into the ground. Which, considering I'm about to unleash a 4d6 Full Attack on him, half of which is going to be pure Holy energy, and most likely boosted by Power Attack to a certain degree, will be a most excellent beatdown.
Healing would be most nice, however. Cures and Repairs are both appreciated.
Togo, how many PCs could I get with the Haste? I'm not sure where everyone was at the time Valthrax cast the spell. Derk and Rhion would've been the top priorities, then Simon and Sthrer, with Umbriel and Godot lowest priority.

Simon, I can't heal, but I can give you (and everyone else) a free-action teleport to anywhere within your base land speed and your line of sight, or toss up a Wall of Force to block you off from the brutes. In either case, if you want to full-attack (which I think is a good idea), I'll wait until after you've acted.