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    Default Re: Be anything you want! All at once! (3.X Base Class, Community Project, WIP)

    Quote Originally Posted by Jarrick View Post
    On the different types, right now they're still in the drawing board stage. I'm hoping to eventually be able to use all the different types, but if a way to get them to work can't be found, then c'est la vie.

    Quote Originally Posted by Owrtho View Post
    The idea sounds interesting. As for the suggestion above of limiting it, while there could be reason for it, I'd suggest that if you do so by type, to limit it by doing something like having each type have one or two other types you can't bind at the same time as them. Thus you would be able to focus on any one type on its own, but as you started trying to add more types, the chance of having one invalidate another as an option would increase. Also, you forgot the deathless type.
    Quote Originally Posted by TravelLog View Post
    I think this is good. Here are a few example invalidations.
    Binding a Demon locks out the option of binding Celestials or Devils.
    Binding a Fey locks out the option of binding Elementals or Undead.
    Binding an Undead locks out the option of binding Fey or Animals.

    You might also consider pairs which strengthen one another's effects such as:
    If you bind both a Plant and an Animal, then __________ (bonus or boost of some kind).
    If you bind a Plant, an Animal, and a Magical-Beast, then ________ (larger boost, bonus, or gift of special attack/power/ability).
    You guys have hit the issue I've been struggling with most, and this seems to be the single biggest issue to contend with (unless you count the inner dread of statting out all the different binds /groan). I've always planned on putting in restrictions to what you can bind at the same time, but exactly how and what those restrictions should be has been tricky. I don't want to limit it too much, but at the same time I can't see binding something thats good and evil/lawful and chaotic at the same time. They'd plain kill each other along with the PC.

    The best idea I've come up with is this: The character can bind one Lawful/Chaotic, one Nuetrel, and one Good/Evil at the same time. This would be based on alignment of course, so a Chaotic Good PC (when high enough level to, obviously) could bind one Chaotic type, one Nuetrel type, and one Good type; as where a Lawful Evil PC could bind one Lawful Type, on Neutrel, and one Evil type. True Neutrel characters would be able to choose either or at the time of binding. The bindings would have to be typed for this to work though. Archons would be typed as lawful or good (or both) as where demons would be typed chaotic or evil, demons would be lawful or evil, elementals would be neutral, etc, etc.

    It's still completely open though. This class idea has so much potential to work with it feels like I'm trying to bring order to Limbo...

    I do like the suggestion of synergies, and if I can find a way to make it work I'll more then likely add it in.

    Edit: Also another thing I'm kinda stuck on is should I stick with doing it like I did the Demon Binder with binding specific creatures, or should I just do it by type and have a list of stuff you can choose from based on level?
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