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    Default Re: Be anything you want! All at once! (3.X Base Class, Community Project, WIP)

    Quote Originally Posted by Domriso View Post
    Another possibility, drawing from my own system I'm working on, is to have the bindings based on the Chakras introduced in Magic of Incarnum. It has built in limitations on what can be bound where, and already levels.
    I don't see this working too well. This class is based off binding energies to your soul rather then parts of your body (atleast how I imagine it anyhow).

    Quote Originally Posted by Jarrick View Post
    I dont think you should base it on the alignment of the character. Part of the RP allure of this class is allowing for the conflicting forces involved. An otherwise good person who is possessed by demons, for example. I think owrtho hit it dead on..
    Well, I did go ahead and draw up a list on the limitations subject earlier, mainly to see how it would look. Its as follows:

    Type - can't be bound with:
    Abberation - Ooze, Elemental
    Animal - Vermin
    Deathless - Undead, Demons, Devils
    Dragon - Magical Beast, Ooze
    Elemental - Fey, Plant
    Fey - Elemental, Plant
    Giant - None
    Magical Beast - Dragon, Vermin
    Ooze - Dragon
    Celestial - Demons, Devils, Undead
    Demons - Celestials, Deathless, Devils
    Devils - Celestials, Deathless, Demons
    Plant - Elemental, Fey
    Undead - Deathless, Celestials
    Vermin - Animal

    Quote Originally Posted by Morph Bark View Post
    That sounds highly familiar... as in, suspiciously much like my Hemoscribe.
    EDIT: As in, the whole "binding to body locations" in combination with "taking on monster abilities" that this thread is about. I'm familiar with Incarnum, just so you know.
    Depends on how you look at it. Theres only so many ways to to do a MoI type binding system after all.

    On that note, I never intended to use a MoI system, This is more along the lines of binding the creational energies of the Cosmos to your own soul rather then to any part of your actual body. Its a much expanded version of the Demon Binder PrC I made a while back, which that was a rewrite of the Demonbinder PrC out of Drow of the Underdark.

    In short, the base idea might be similair (which happens alot), but the construction and flavor of the classes will be completely different.
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