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1. I like how you have used real world pictures and drawings in your descriptions, but it is kind of weird when you see tugboats or cars in some of them.
Hmm. I guess I didn't notice the tugboat in the Shathadva Islands picture. I'd noticed the rickshaws in the Home picture, but couldn't find a similar photo that didn't have them. Unfortunately, I'm not much of an artist so have to work with already-existing photos. I'm not too worried about it since the picture is just to give a general feel of the place and spice up the post. If it helps with the tugboat, though, there's a description of a sail-less ship engine run on go-stone over in the crunch thread. A ship with a go-stone engine could conceivably look like a tugboat.

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2. When you described the "melting pot" I imagined no borders, but overpopulated cities doting the coast, consisting of all sorts of ethnicity. Just a thought.
I agree to an extent. And the cities of the coast are melting pots, especially Home. That said, "melting pot" doesn't necessarily mean no borders whatsoever. Groups of people sharing similar cultural and (especially) linguistic backgrounds tend to group together in new lands. In this context, with ever-present risk of violent conflict, that has resulted in distinct areas of control with significant minority populations in places like Aadipura, Home, and Setaig. I should probably clarify, though, that these "borders" are very very fluid. They're more like spheres of influence than actual political boundaries.

Part of the problem is probably that I haven't finished totally fleshing out the details of the different regions. I've been putting it off since it will mean a lot of writing...

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