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    I have to admit that this does sound a lot like Incarnum. Especially totemists. It would be an interesting way to build the class, provided you and anyone who wanted to play the class were willing to take the time to learn incarnum and explain it to the DM. I can see it working either way.

    I still dont really care for the less mystical binds (animals, plants, abberations, oozes...) and the whole "Physically bound to your soul" thing. I think the system would work fine with undead (incorporeal mostly), deathless (all 4 of them), demons, devils, yugoloths, archons, eladrin, guardinals, fey, and elementals (In my Japanese setting, I'd allow anything with the spirit subtype, but that'd have to be its own sourcebook ).

    The less mystical things could work I guess. If you do include animals, it could be like invoking the primal spirit of the given animal and taking on its aspects as a result. Sounds very tribal that way, kinda native american or druidic. Plants maybe the same way for the same reasons. I just cant get behind abberations (ozodrin does it), dragons (dragonfire adept/dragon shaman does it), oozes (lolwhat?) and giants (Really?) for this class. Magical beasts maybe, but the totemist really has that one covered very very well.

    Another way to simplify this might be to split this into 3 main classes. One would focus on fey, animals, elementals, and plants (The Aspect), one would focus on Undead and fiends (The Possessed), and the last would focus on celestials and deathless (The Vessel). Simply limit access to what a given class has available to be bound to it. You could throw in class-specific feats to allow for a little flexibility, such as allowing an aspect focused on the unseelie fey court to bind demons instead of animals for instance.

    Edit: You could make a 4th class. Kind of a mad scientist who mutilates himself to emulate abberations and oozes, The problem there is that the binds would have to pretty much be permanent until he took the time surgically alter himself again.
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