Gloom Crawler
Magical cave-dwelling land squid. Eh.

Golem, Furnacec
Looking like something you'd expect to see out of the Black Cauldron and capable of immolating people within their own bulk or spewing forth flames, the gigantic suit of armor-shaped furnace golems are CR 14 golems be treasure guards. Huh. I'm not sure if it's just me noting the obvious or thinking outside of the box, but wouldn't furnace golems be great tools for colonizing polar regions of a given world? They could act as walking never-dimming campfires, warming encampments and forts, as well as using their breath weapon as a defense against cold-aligned creatures.

Golem, Iron Maiden
Yes, this exists. A CR 9 horrific shambling iron maiden, capable of impaling beings inside of it all Inquisitorius-style. Iron maiden golems have no real special attacks like many golems, but they make up for it by being able to steal energy and abilities from the zombified corpses of those they impale. Yes, the iron maiden golem runs on energy from soylent green zombie torture. Oddly enough, there is no explanation for why the iron maiden golem exists, like there is for pretty much every other golem in the Tome of Horrors series. It could be that they are just made by bored necromancers for the kicks, but what if they really are inquisitorial weapons? A fanatical group of crusaders might find the fact that they animate the undead forgivable since they also torture them, and the undead in question are made from the bodies of their enemies...ends justifying the means and all that.