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    Katuman Kaiku: maybe march to battle or possibly after one; definitely has a mournful tone.

    Freesia op.2: very lyrical, dreamy sort of mood.

    Softer heroic piece (ok it's just the armageddon theme).

    That song always makes me think of this song: rural, calm, peaceful tune (if anyone knows where to find the original of this, please tell me!)

    Hazo - Ride: very fast-paced song, travel through hostile lands on urgent business sort of thing (NOTE: you should all listen to the whole thing anyway just because it's a great song).

    Octavarium: the solo at the beginning of this song (first 4 minutes) have a very ethereal, slightly threatening sort of dreamlike feel.

    Boss Battle: Boss Battle! (a little silly)

    I'm sure I'll be back with more ideas tomorrow, hope you like some of these.

    EDIT: found some more already, from Heroes of Might and Magic 3

    Rampart: safe, woodsy area.

    Necropolis: sounds... like a necropolis... dark and foreboding and evil.

    Tower: vaguely mysterious, a little techmaturgical maybe. Not Evil, but not Good...

    Conflux: magical glade of some kind.

    Fortress: like if the Shire was populated by Svirfneblin.

    Those are the best of the HoMM3 themes IMO, but the rest are on youtube as well.

    DOUBLE EDIT: woah, you've already got necropolis! Props!
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