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Thread: [Nexus] CURATOR I: The Evil Has Landed

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    [Main Room]

    Well yes, but then he can't use the place for his own personal gain! He happily noms the cookie while filling out the form. Yay, cookie!

    Name: Reinholdt, Treasure Hunter Extraordinaire
    Species: Cat/Human
    Eye Color: Blue/Pink
    Fingerprint/Pawprint/Tentacleprint/Etcetera: Fingerprint given
    Photo: Photo taken.
    Reason for Joining: To hunt Treasure
    Special Abilities: Hammerspace, two forms, minor illusion magic, variety of magic items
    Medical History: Ummm... GLoG probably has it.
    Blood Type/Essential Bodily Fluid Type: (rolls randomly) AB+
    Psychological Records:

    He pauses at this point and looks up.
    "Umm... I understand the medical history part and stuff, considering the nature of the work, but why do you wish to know our fears and regrets and psychological information?"

    Reinholdt did in fact see the strange 8 foot tall creature. He did not even flinch. He's one of the older ACRO/Nexus people still around and strange stuff is pretty normal. He does however, eye the creature warily, lest those spikes get used on him.
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