I like your party's style, Moreta...

This story is much longer, and told as a story rather than in Garrett's memory.
or, Still confused

So, Candlekeep finally heard about our impersonation.

Still, all wasn't lost. Candlekeep forgave such trespasses in exchange for a contribution to their library-and I was fairly certain I had one. A tome I found in the flooded ruins had contained rather more than I thought-it described elemental summoning rituals that were well beyond my ability to cast. Still, I had been taking notes, so perhaps I wouldn't entirely lose the knowledge contained...the question was how we could get to the Keep before being attacked by bounty hunters.

That day, we walked into town and found that the former adventurers that ran and protected the town had arranged a information post in the town square. Among the more mundane things, we found a challenge. Each member of that party had placed an artifact in the deepest parts of the many so-called dungeons nearby.

More importantly, we found ourselves. We were WANTED FOR THE IMPERSONATION OF CANDLEKEEP SCHOLARS. The bounty on our heads was...well...shockingly high. It wasn't enough to tempt anyone we knew, and I was thanked Mystra for that, believe me! It's one of the few times I was grateful that the student wizards in the academy here thought I was more like a warlock than a sorcerer.

Eh? No, I'm not a warlock. Now hush.

"So...we have a price on our heads." Jack was looking at the price with an expression I wasn't happy with.

"Yes...we'll need to figure out how to get there without someone trying to take it."

After a few moment's thought, we made a plan, of sorts. We would meet back at the local bar.

So, Touchstone and Jack went on their errands. I, meanwhile went to check the armor shop that had opened in our absence. With a little luck, I could buy a robe or similar bearing a glamer. I was in for several more surprises that day. First, finding that the shop owner was a dwarf...one I'd met before...

"Oh no."
"You're the one that stole for my camp! AND RAN AWAY!"
"Then give it back!"
"Yes, yes, of course..."

He seemed mollified by that. A little.

"I lost my career because of you."
"I know, I'm sorry that-"
"So, you'll be paying half again the price of anything you buy here. You AND your friends. Now...what were you here for?"
"An undershirt or robe with a glamer-spell."
"And...you came to an armor shop for that?"

Oh, don't look at me like that. I study the arcane, not the anvil.

He sold me what I needed. It cost me everything I had, though. I made the glamer appear as a robe with a hood and mask that covered my face. It would keep me from being identified easily.

So, Jack and I went to the bar and sat to discuss how we would proceed. The next thing I knew was blackness. All I could see was that I was standing in a magic circle of some kind, and a person in a robe covered with an eye motif.

"Do you know where you are?"
"Good. We have heard that you can contribute to the library."
Yes, I was in Candlekeep. Confused? So was I, believe me! In any case, I handed over my research. The book I keep my spell notes in he handed back with a contemptuous look. The elemental tome, however, he took away. I don't know how long I was down there, but it felt like hours. Eventually, I was taken before an circle of people in similar, but obviously more formal eye-robes. What did they do to me, you ask. Heh heh heh heh...they offered me a job! So, not only did they forgive our party of our crimes, they went and hired me to add too their library! Oh, what a day that was...I never did dare tell that poor dwarf I really was a scholar.

As far as how he got there...
Touchstone the monk went to the wizard that ran the academy. It was a Red Wizard who really hated the party, since we tended to interuppt either his class or his breaks...Anyway, the player changed his mind about paying him for a teleport when he heard the cost...so the wizard stole the money/goods that added up to the cost (plus a bit), then teleported him to Candlekeep against his will. From there, a Candlekeep mage grabbed Garrett. Oh, we had a ball that session...