[Main Room]

"Oh. I... see..." Reinholdt frowns and looks at the form. Maybe... he could get away with some of the lesser things on the form and find some way to shield himself from this artifact. "Why do we want an artifact that plays on fears and regrets anyways?"

Name: Reinholdt, Treasure Hunter Extraordinaire
Species: Cat/Human
Eye Color: Blue/Pink
Fingerprint/Pawprint/Tentacleprint/Etcetera: Fingerprint given
Photo: Photo taken.
Reason for Joining: To hunt Treasure
Special Abilities: Hammerspace, two forms, minor illusion magic, variety of magic items
Medical History: Ummm... GLoG probably has it.
Blood Type/Essential Bodily Fluid Type: (rolls randomly) AB+
Fears: Becoming undead
Regrets: Not holding onto the Brightheart
Psychological Records: None currently available

Because those are the only fears and regrets Reinholdt has! Yep!

Reinholdt still holds onto the form. He thinks a bit more, tilting his head. Actually... something she said...
"You say you intend to eradicate our fears and regrets. How?"