[Main Room]

"Because that artifact is a key. A key which will lead us to a more powerful artifact that we will find particularly useful."

Percilia-prime smirks. It would be well worth the effort. She had to ensure they were ready for it before they embark on that quest. They only have one shot at that.

"As for your fears and regrets, you will face them in your mind. After you gain more confidence in me and your fellow guildmates, with your permission, we will send you into a battle against them and aid you in your struggle."

Percilia then addresses everyone in the room in a much louder voice that seems to command respect.

"Everyone head down to the library. I will meet you there in a few minutes."

Percilia-prime then merely leans backwards and crosses her arms.

First, they would be tested mentally. Afterwards, they would be tested physically.