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    Default Re: Priest: new base class [3.S] [PEACH]

    Quote Originally Posted by Eledragon View Post
    oooh, this looks fun. are the devotionals just the spells from the cleric spell list, or are you going to write up specific devotionals?
    For now, Devotionals are chosen from the domain spell list for the domains the deity provides.

    So, if your deity offers Healing, Protection, Good, and Sun domains, then your options for your first Devotional is: Cure Light Wounds, Protection from Evil, Sanctuary, or Endure Elements.

    Let's say you choose Cure Light Wounds as your first devotional.

    Now, you level up again. You can't pick Cure Wounds until you have another first level Devotional. So, your options are ProEvil, Sanctuary, or Endure Elements.

    Let's say you're running in an environmentally unfriendly game, so you pick up Endure Elements.

    At 3rd level, you can now select a 2nd level Devotional, however you have to already have the 1st level Devotional to get it. So your options at this point are: Cure Wounds, ProEvil, Sanctuary, or Heat Metal.

    Quote Originally Posted by eftexar View Post
    Fundamentals of faith could provide infinite healing. While this doesn't personally bother me because of the small amount, there are alot of people irked by something like that. May I suggest adding a clause that limits the use of healing cantrips?
    I'm not worried about infinite out of combat healing, really. Due to action economy, it's definitely not viable in combat, since you're doing it one point at a time. However, I may take a page from Pathfinder and turn Cure Minor Wounds into Stabilize if it becomes a problem.

    You refer to devotionals as mysteries when you mention the save.
    I really like devotionals though, mainly because they are based off of shadowcasting (which has always been a favorite of mind).
    Fixed this typo. Thanks for catching it.
    And I'm goint to ask the same thing as eledragon, are you going to use spells already made, or are you going to create your own devotionals? (I hope you create your own, as it would add even more unique flavor to thh class).
    Eventually, I hope to, however I'd like to playtest the class, which means re-using domain spells as devotionals to make sure the class is mechanically viable.

    Do you only have access to devotional feats when you gain bonus feats? May I suggest allowing exalted feats? They are a bit powerful, but...
    I despise BoED/BoVD with a passion, and absolutely refuse to acknowledge Exalted/Vile feats.

    And yes, the only feats you can gain access to are Devotional feats. However, these feats apply universally to devotionals, much in the same way that Metashadow feats work.

    Quote Originally Posted by Togath View Post

    Edit: also are you planning on making more domain abilities?, they look pretty instresting so far.
    Absolutely! I'm considering Domain Abilities to be more along the lines of either at-will usage (to give them something to do when they run out of devotionals), or additional resources (turn undead, lay on hands).
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