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I think this guy (from the name, at least) is a conversion of a 1E Fiend Folio creature. Hey, at least now we have something for the "fiery humanoid shape" version of Dancing Lights to emulate! [edit]I think I was actually getting mixed up with the Phantom Stalker.[/edit]
Yep, definitely the phantom stalker you were thinking of.

You fight quite a few giant fleas (especially as random encounters) in the ToEE computer game. Amusingly, they use a mini version of the umber hulk model for them. Nasty and annoying, especially since they usually cause a disease after a bite.
D'aww, miniature umber hulks sound kind of cute.

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Let me guess, they are made out of heavy metal and crafted by Bards?


Golem, Magnesium
The CR 6 magnesium golem's a bit of an odd duck, being both human-sized and capable of human speeds when moving, making it a more quick and subtle...if you can call a walking silver Oscar subtle...golem as opposed to the bash-n'-smash tactics of iron and clay golems. Speaking of iron golems, like the iron maiden golem, the magnesium golem shared the iron golem's rust vulnerability. It also has a sickness-inducing aura and fists that can punch the Dexterity right out of you at 1d4 points per failed save. While their purpose is undocumented, they definitely seem like they'd be good assassination tools, assuming you can cover up their gaudy color with a good illusion spell.

The stat block also has a note on anodized magnesium golems. Basically, take a magnesium golem, soak it in acid, and zap it with electricity spells. Tada! You now have a rust-immune magnesium golem. Hmm, I can't help but think that'd be an interesting principle to extend to iron golems as well. After all, if we're pilfering a chemical reaction for one golem, why not apply it to another?

Golem, Ooze
Remember those tubs of goo that you can buy in dollar stores? Yeah, I can't help but imagine these golems being like giant buckets of that. Still, at CR 8, these creations of the clerics of Jubilex aren't exactly kid's toys. With fast healing, inability to be flanked due to their odd forms, acidic bodies, and corrosive death throes, ooze golems are definitely challenging enemies in the collection of servitors to the Faceless Lord.

Golem, Rope
Our final golem is this one. Yes, as its name implies, this CR 5 golem is made of rope. It is vulnerable to fire, and not really that statistically impressive, but I've got to give it some credit. After all, what other golem whips out its noose-hands to play hangman with adventurers?