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    Default Re: My Little Pony: Avatar is Magic (also Adopt-a-Pony)

    Here's an idea I've had kicking around in my head for a bit. If anybody here is familiar with the Spoiler Warning show, this would really help on this one. If you aren't, well I advise on checking it out, it's pretty good. I recommend starting with the most relevant season to this request, Fallout 3.
    Anyway I wish to see Reginal Cuftburt ponified. A Reginald Coltburt, if you will.
    I honestly don't really plan on using this as an avatar, I just feel that this is something that needs to exist.

    Gender: Male
    Type: Earth pony
    Coat color: Light Grey
    Mane color and style: Short dark brown Mane, with a ragged unkempt tail
    Eye color: Sky Blue
    Cutie mark: Vault Boy's Evil or Very Evil karma face [Reference]
    Pose: Something to suggest that he is about to visit physical harm upon you
    Expressions: Menacing
    Accessories or costumes: A woman's Bonnet, a Muttonstache, an Incinerator (not being wielded or anything, he'd just be carrying it around on his back) and a sack with "Swag" written on it.
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