Name: Forsan Darenk
Gender: Male
Species: Krogan
Age: 72
Class/Profession: Gun and Muscle for Hire
Power Rating: B-
Description: Darenk is, like all Krogan, a hulking, wide lizard-like humanoid covered in turtle-like scales and, in some places, thick hide. He has a large hump growing out of his back, rising above his head - again, a standard part of Krogan anatomy. His skin is mossy green and his hide is dark brown. He wears heavy armor like this, only it's dark green.
Personality: At a first glance, Darenk is dim even by Krogan standards. He doesn't talk much and communicates mostly in grunts. The appearances are decieving, though -Darenk is actually pretty clever and just assumes the guise of a dumb brute to catch people off-guard. He's got something of a twisted sense of humor and likes to see people dumbfounded when he does something they'd never expect him to.
Equipment: Apart from his Armor, Darenk has three weapons - a shotgun, an assault rifle and a handgun. They all use mass effect technology for bullet propulsion and can be folded so as to take less space. He's got an ammo supply as well, and his weapons chew through it slowly.
Abilities: As a Krogan, Darenk is incredibly tough to kill or even stop. His thick hide stops attacks even if he's unarmored. His biology means he's got a replacement for every organ and even a secondary neural system. Finally, he's got 240-degree vision.
As far as his taught abilities go, Darenk is a soldier - he knows how to shoot and fight hand-to-hand very well. He's trained in the use of non-standard ammunition for his weapons, meaning he can shoot incendiary or proton bullets when needed.
Backstory: To come later.