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    Aliases: Umeko
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Profession: Mercenary
    Power Rating: C+
    Theme Music: Overture, by Kaori Kobayashi

    Description: Umeko is athletic and well toned, a fact usually made obvious as her clothing of choice leaves her arms and shoulders mostly bare- however, she is not particularly tall, managing only a few inches over five feet. She keeps her black hair at a moderate length, above the shoulder, but not closely cut, and in a style that won't get in the way of her dark brown eyes. Umeko's style of dress is fairly casual and involves an abundance of pockets, none of which go unused.

    Personality: In many ways, Magister is a professional. She's clever, capable, and absolutely ruthless when it comes to getting the job done. Maybe she doesn't have a plan for everything, but she always has options and contingencies waiting to be utilized in an appropriate situation. She gets the job done as best she can, deals with what she can't do, and rarely backs down from a contract. That said, Magister is far more relaxed, pleasant and informal than one might expect, and is very much inclined to improvise rather than come at things with a set plan of attack. Further, she may have a few principles, but one of her highest principles is looking after herself, and she will quite quickly abandon and turn on anything that might get in the way of her own survival and needs.

    Equipment: Magister's greatest strength is that she always has the right equipment for the job. Her typical cargo pants are packed with gadgets and devices, and when she doesn't have what she needs on her, she is terrifyingly proficient at using mundane objects in unexpected ways to achieve the effect she desires. It is exceedingly difficult to put Magister in any kind of situation where she would be considered unarmed.

    Abilities: Broadly trained in many useful mercenary skills, Magister is a martial artist, tactician and weapons master who is also fairly talented at espionage, and has a great deal of proficiency with a wide variety of modern technology. Ultimately, however, Magister is a normal human specimen, albeit a one of exceptional talent and capability.

    Backstory: Interestingly enough, Umeko started off in the police force, but what she experienced there made her much more worldly and 'practical.' Due to this, she eventually tired of her position and opted to join a widespread mercenary company, where she distinguished herself over the years she worked there. Towards the end of her time, she was receiving numerous solo contracts and clashing with her superiors, which prompted her to work as an independent mercenary, taking on the title Magister to distinguish herself. Eventually her continuing search for contracts led her to Nexus.
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