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    Kyinde Crystaltail

    Gender: Female.

    Race: Foxling.

    Age: 37 (Human equivalent: 13).

    Alignment: Chaotic Good with Chaotic Neutral tendencies.

    Class: Cryomancer.

    Power Rating: C or 4.


    Description: Kyinde is a small humanoid fox with white fur, brown human-like hair worn in a ponytail and sharp blue eyes. Her usual outfit consists of a light blue dress designed with warmth in mind, a golden or silver headband, and a charm of some sort around her neck. She rarely wears shoes.

    Personality: Kyinde is clever and energetic, with a love of adventure and combat. Most of the time, she's cheerful, doesn't take things very seriously, and likes to get into friendly little duels. However, when she does get seriously provoked, her fearsomeness is no laughing matter.

    Equipment: Kyinde normally doesn't carry much with her, although she has a short sword and some miscellaneous trinkets.

    Abilities: Kyinde has high natural agility and resistance to cold. In addition, she's quite skilled with ice magic, and is also learning to cast ice spells backwards as fire spells.

    Backstory: Not much is known about Kyinde's past, and she doesn't bring it up much given how little it matters to her. It's believed that she was initially of high standing among her people, she committed an act of betrayal, and she was exiled for it, but only she knows why she betrayed her people in the first place. She doesn't consider any of her history very important, preferring to focus on the present.

    Miscellaneous: Kyinde's magical aura, when visible, has a pale blue colour.
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