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Hmm... Not sure how much of a help this will be, but I think I know a way to determine the Craft DCs.

First, figure out at what level, approximately, you want a character to be able to make a given graft at. Then add 10 to the level. That should at least give you a good place to start in determining the Craft DCs.

Also, awesome work. Kinda reminds me of the Mad Hatter from American McGee's Alice. I'm looking forward to using these for a character.
Well, that is somewhat useful, if not exactly how I'll likely do it. My current idea is to address the issue of variable parts by having fixed DCs for the materials, having the component DCs be have a baseline DC + an amount per material used (at least on the kind that can vary), then having the DCs of the finished devices be based on the design, + something based on the DCs of the components used.

As such the more components you add, and the more complex they are the higher the DC would be. However, when considering the base form (minimum requirements), I can use something like what you suggest for the static value.
That said, I may make it +30 or so rather than + 10, as I intend for it to be rather difficult for most characters to make the parts, though the base class I plan to do that would specialize in making necroclock devices would get reduction by the excess amount, bringing them down to around +10.

I likely should get some more work done on this soon, though recently I have been somewhat busy with stuff in real life, and when I have had free time, have been working on the PRC contests (though to be fair, the last one was related to this).