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    Kenneth Walker
    “Oh joy, another holier-than-thou paladin. Just don’t chop my head off, I‘m not the best tailor.”

    Alias: N/A
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Zombie, formerly human
    Age: 45 (died at 39)
    Class/Profession: Former Duke of England

    Description: He’s 5’11, and 165 lb. (steadily getting lighter.) What hair he has left is black. Fair amounts of the hair on his head are long gone, though he still has most of his goatee. Some of his skin has decomposed, leaving the muscles underneath it visible.

    For a zombie, Kenneth dresses pretty well. He wears black trousers, and a blue coat, which seems to be designed to let onlookers know that he is nobility.

    Personality: In life, Kenneth was a kind, selfless person, who made sure he treated as many people fairly as possible. This is probably one of the reasons he was so popular among his subject, and such a high-priority target of assassins.

    Unfortunately, he’s a zombie now. He hasn’t lost any of his intelligence, but being undead has made him very jaded and bitter. One too many clerics. He still has the same selflessness he did when alive, he just can’t find a reason to exercise it.

    He occasionally feels the need to consume human flesh, as is expected of all zombies. However, he finds the very idea abhorrent, as does his best to resist that need.

    Equipment: Kenneth has a rapier at his side, though he no longer has the speed to use it with any efficiency.

    Abilities: Being intelligent and undead can have its perks. It’s difficult to kill Kenneth, as he doesn’t need to eat, breathe, etc. If a limb is severed, he can still move it. Even if he is decapitated, he can guide his body to him.

    Additionally, he’s resistant to being turned, because of his intelligence.

    Unfortunately, as a zombie, Kenneth has lost his former reflexes. He’s rather slow, at best. He was once quite the swordsman, but now can barely swing a blade at all.

    He's beginning to teach himself necromancy, as a means of keeping himself from decaying.

    Backstory: Once a duke, loved by his subjects. He was a fair and just ruler. This might have been the primary reason he was assassinated (as well as his lack of children or any sort of heir), but he doesn’t really care. When he was killed, quite a few mages made attempts to bring him back. They succeeded, sort of. He ended up a rare example of a sapient zombie. Although he retained his personality, intelligence, and speech capabilities, he became feared, if for understandable reasons (such as skin that is still rotting.)

    Because he was still alive, Kenneth decided on his heir before giving up his throne. He traveled the world, and met many people (some of which didn‘t scream or try to kill him.) Eventually, he ended up in the Nexus.

    Miscellaneous: N/A
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