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    Alias: Subject X942-R
    Race: R-class void entity(Artificially created and modified humanoid, looks something like a Maw of Acamar:
    Age: Unknown.
    Gender: N/A
    Alignment: True Neutral (could become evil or good, if someone gives him a good reason...)
    Profession: Test Subject
    Affiliations: None...yet.
    Class: (See Abilties)
    Power Rating: B+

    Description: Rekrul is 5'10, and weighs about 120 lbs. As mentioned before, he looks like a Maw of Acamar. He wears a combat suit that he acquired while in the test lab. His eyes glow white when he's concentrating.

    Personality: Rekrul is naturally curious due to his creation by science. He is usually calm, and, when faced with a problem, will think about what to do carefully, weighing his options.

    Not fully connected to existence, Rekrul speaks in Dim Gray

    Equipment: The previously-mentioned combat suit, a black cloak, a custom-made gauntlet that helps channel his powers and can generate an energy blade, and various weapons, including concussion grenades, and his Phase Rifle, a sniper rifle that fires silent energy beams.

    Abilities: Rekrul can fire beams of energy, disrupt magic effects, fade in and out of reality for a short time (like Ethereal Jaunt, in the 3.5 PHB, however this uses a lot of energy.), teleport small distances, (about 5-10 feet) create a short-lived force barrier, and he also has some abilities he can't use yet. However, if he uses too much energy, he will fade out of reality and be unable to do anything for a while, with more power used meaning more time. He is also quite good at building devices, due to knowledge implanted in his brain.

    Background: Rekrul was created by an organization as a living weapon, as well as a test to see if void energies were possible to control. The facility was destroyed when its generator overloaded, causing a massive explosion, and Rekrul barely survived. The Umbrella Corporation found him in the wreckage.

    Miscellaneous: Pretty much perma-deadtimed.
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