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    "Riv is a former AMENite and a mentally unstable terrorist, with vast resources and no qualms about using them to slaughter others. He left the Association because everyone else had some degree of restraint or something, whereas he just wanted to blow everything to hell and pour anti-bacterial resistant plagues into the water supply."

    He glances towards Gordon, implying that someone else here would certainly know a lot more about Riv than Maggy would, and that it'd be appreciated if such a person were to speak up.

    "Phil, on the other hand, is or was an arms dealer, robotics engineer, and gods know what else, who once worked with Riv on something or other. Creative differences prompted the two to part ways on less than friendly terms, and their self-centered, amoral, insecure personalities both guaranteed that the two would fight again, and that neither would worry too greatly about the innocent bystanders caught in the crossfire."

    Magtok looks around the Council, and then shrugs.

    "Personally, I'm of the opinion that Phil is or was the lesser of the two obnoxious evils. If we can find a way to revive the sucker, point him back at his old buddy, and promise to keep reviving him so long as the two keep their BS out of Inside and he never tells the other guy about us doing so, we might save ourselves a hell of a lot of time and money."
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