I love this setting! Do you know if there are any games in the works for it? Being on a scroungers crew would be epic.
That being said, there is something that erks me. In most settings, the idea of a Common language is stupid. Why would a pseudo-medieval world have such a language? But in this world, a common Creole forming seems inevidable, especially over 600 years of occupation, and with especially integrated areas like Home. Look at areas of the Carribean, where native people, French, Spanish and English speakers lived in close proximity to each other for generations. The first generation adults made simple pidgins, but when you got small second-generation children growing up with different language backgrounds, they made a Creole, a language that was a mixture of all the ones I just mentioned, that nevertheless was a fully-fledged language in its own right. It severely stretches my suspension of disbelief that Stha Lui wouldn't have a common language by now, after 600 years, which is much more than one generation, even for the longest lived races. It's at least 5 elven generations, and about 24 human ones!