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    Default Re: Priest: new base class [3.S] [WIP, PEACH]

    Quote Originally Posted by Omeganaut View Post
    Right now, levels 18 and 19 are dead levels. The capstone seems uninspiring as well. I have trouble seeing anyone interested in mechanical advantages taking this class past level 17. (someone posted before me, but it's important enough to repeat)
    Hmm... this is worth repeating, true. However, I'd need to figure out what works well here, without either making the class over-the-top or just by being 'meh, it's just filler'. It's a delicate balance. If you have any suggestions to offer, I'm all ears!

    Also, I would suggest giving priests weapon proficiency in their diety's weapon, or weapon focus if their diety's weapon is simple. Any D&D player who comes into your system doesn't want to be useless at defending themselves, and it seems like you will have few strictly offensive spells for the class, meaning if a baddie closes with them, they are screwed. I'm not saying make them full melee, but at least let them defend themselves.
    Depends on the deity you choose. Remember, War domain automatically gains weapon proficiency/focus in deity's weapon (and the least domain bonus from War domain is a 3/4 BAB), and Sun domain has a lot of blasty spells. So, a Priest of a war/sun deity (one of them currently is) will have precisely this.

    A Priest of a pacifistic deity, however, would likely NOT want to be mixing it up in combat. Rather, he will be using spells like Sanctuary to prevent from being targeted while being a heal/buffbot.

    Also, your spell progression is rather stunted towards higher levels. Don't increase the uses per day all at once, spread them out. Make it look more like the sorcerer spells-cast-per-day (although obviously not as many spells per day)
    Did you read the description of why it does this? When you get Devotionals as Spells, they're 1/day. When they're SLA's, they're 2/day, and when they're SU, they're 3/day.

    Considering that these numbers are *per devotional*, they've actually got quite a bit more depth than a sorcerer has.

    Or are you saying use a graduating scale, so that a Devotional level goes (SP) at (level obtained + 6)? That... might be an idea, actually. It somewhat nerfs their casting list, but at the same time, it also gives them a solid progression, AND gives them something beneficial at 18 (6th level Devotionals go SLA and double output).

    EDIT: Devotionals chart updated to reflect this suggestion. Level 18 now gets 4th level Devotionals as (Su), and 7th level devotionals as (Sp). Which is pretty dang huge. Level 19 is still a dead level. Level 20... we need some dang good capstones for the domains.
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