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    Default Re: Priest: new base class [3.S] [WIP, PEACH]

    Quote Originally Posted by Omeganaut View Post
    I did miss that part about how the magical affect is cast affecting how many times it could be cast. I just wonder how important that is to the class, since you have a table anyway. I'd just take that part out entirely and let the table decide uses per day.
    It's rather important to the class, because it demonstrates a graduating mastery of the abilities. Not only do you gain more uses per day per devotional, but it also becomes easier to use.

    As for the question of giving proficiency in the diety's weapon, I'd give the War domain proficiency with all martial weapons. It makes sense that he would train for war. And your healer/buffer is about the only character option that can't save itself if attacked by anything. It couldn't defend itself against a cat at level 1. While you want games to be exciting, that defenseless healer will be the first to die in an ambush, as all he can do is heal and buff on his turn. Plus, if he runs into anything with a good will save (DC 11+Wis), it won't work. And the part about devotionals confuses me. Do they choose those straight off of the cleric spell list, because that doesn't really make much of a difference in Clericzilla-ness. However, if you are choosing off of a list, then your diety must have the domain that Sanctuary falls under.
    I thought I had made that clear. A Priest may choose Devotionals only from the domains the patron deity has access to.

    Your heal/buffbot will have access to a domain ability which reproduces a Sanctuary efect, with a scaling DC of 10+ 1/2 Priest level + Wis mod. I just haven't gotten that far yet. The domain will be called 'Tranquility', and will include things like Sanctuary, Calm Emotions, and others along those lines.

    Another small point. Why don't they have Knowledge(The Planes), (History), or Diplomacy on their skill list? I can see you losing Arcana, and the additions make sense compared to Cleric.
    Certain domains grant access to other knowledge spells (the Knowledge domain grants access to all of them). However, a martial deity with martial priests would not necessarily know the finer details about the planes, other than demons and angels and the like, which is covered under Knowledge (Religion).

    As far as Diplomacy... that will also be in a domain, but not all priests are particularly diplomatic.

    Finally, Since you didn't include turn undead, I'm assuming this class is not going to be strong v. undead like the original cleric. Just wanted to point that out.
    That is correct. There might be a sub-deity with access to Turn Undead and the Glory domain, but really, any Cleric with zero optimization simply laughs at any undead challenge. And turn attempts, other than being used to trivialize encounters, were being used to fuel things which broke the top off of the power curve.

    Since my goal is to de-trivialize encounters, and to keep the power level around T3, turn undead really didn't make sense here.

    This is still a work in progress, and is being based on a modular design. So while the 'base class' seems to be exceedingly limited, their deity choice will activate many secondary abilities which make up for it.
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