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That is correct. There might be a sub-deity with access to Turn Undead and the Glory domain, but really, any Cleric with zero optimization simply laughs at any undead challenge. And turn attempts, other than being used to trivialize encounters, were being used to fuel things which broke the top off of the power curve.

Since my goal is to de-trivialize encounters, and to keep the power level around T3, turn undead really didn't make sense here.
The sun domain would be a good be a fit. Like some classes that borrow from others, the Priest version of turn undead might come with an asterisk such that "Uses of turn undead gained from the Priest class may not be used to power divine feats". Another thought is you could grant it at the lesser stage and from that point on advance it as a Paladin would, weakening it slightly from a full powered cleric. Perhaps both of these.