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    Name: Eldron Versiathes
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species:Elf/High(half) Elf
    Age:270 years which makes him look to be about 30
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Power Rating:18/B+
    Description:Eldron is strong, muscular, and tall for an elf. His hair instead of being a shining blonde has brown hairs throughout it, noting a mixture of blood was in his ancestors. His nose is blunt because in his battles it has been broken several times by foes and he has always refused magical healing because he believes that it is a reminder to fight better. His armor is mithral and has a blue sheen to it and has gold inlaid in spectacular patterns all over it and it magically makes his step lighter and allows him to move faster. His cloak is a robe of eyes which is also blue and the eyes actually blink as he moves about and they focus and refocus on the room that he is in and the people or objects around him. He carries his rapier "Songwind" with him and his shield "Halldancer" is slung across his back. His shield is something to note. It is not an elven shield, it is dwarven, showing that he is a friend amongst at least one of the many Dwarf Clans. "Songwind" looks just like his armor and when he draws and uses it in battle it sings a beautiful enchanting melody that entices his enemies to lower their weapons and to surrender.

    Personality:Eldron is a happy and comforting fellow. He is quick to help those that need help defending themselves. He likes to crack jokes (mostly puns) and enjoys making people groan when he tells a particularly good bad joke. Because of his years of leadership, he has developed a fiery voice to inspire others so he speaks in red

    Equipment:Robe of Eyes, Rapier of Suggestion, Mithral armor of speed, Ring of Charisma, Belt of Strength, and Shield of the Mountain Hall

    Backstory:Eldron isn't a High Elf, just a lucky half-elf. His father took a human as his mate and a few months later, Eldron was born. Eldron inherited all of the physical features of an elf with only a few bits of his human heritage showing on him. On the inside, however, he is very much human, being comfortable among whoever he encounters, more bulky then other elves, and less aloof then those who raised him. As his father was an elder where Eldron grew up, he had priveledges. He trained to be an officer in the Home Guard of his homeland and though smart and diligent, he was always scorned by his classmates. He fought through this and after graduating he rose quickly to become a Marshal in the Home Guard. At the height of his career, he lost to a band of orcs and was presumed dead. When he returned home some days later, his funeral had already taken place and his position filled. Instead of returning and ruining his replacement's newly earned position, he left and he has been roaming since that day 10 years ago.
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